3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important

3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important - F

3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important

What do you get the woman that has everything? Well I found out that my wife actually didn’t have “everything” last Christmas. She loves to workout and was excited to hear about new a in-home fitness technology that was being released shortly before the holidays….”The Mirror

The Mirror (puppy not included)

Have you heard about it?

It looks like an ordinary full length mirror but that’s the only “ordinary” part about it.

The Mirror is a way to bring personal training and/or fitness classes straight into your home.

After connecting it to your local WiFi, you’re ready to get started.

It was kind of spooky the first time my wife used it as she was able to see herself in the mirror along with the instructor at the same time.

The implication is that you are seeing the YOU of the future…if you use the Mirror on a regular basis.

Your Money Is Like A Mirror

Your money is like a mirror, both the old type and the new, smart technology kind.

When you see your reflection in your old-school money mirror, it gives you a glimpse of who you are now and also what’s in your past.

3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important-feat-mirror

Granted, it can’t tell your whole story, but it can tell a great deal of it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall….

Most doctors see a reflection that represents the present that they have built from past experiences such as:

Unfortunately for many, it could be a bit discouraging. Remember, we’re talking about looking in the old school money mirror.

What about the future?


When you look at yourself in the new, smart money-mirror, it can give you a glimpse of the future (based on what you’re doing today).

Depending on your current situation, it could be good or bad news (hopefully good).

I hope you understand the profound power in all of this.

When you focus on who you are today, it can be discouraging. Maybe you’re like me and have failures haunting you from the past. That’s OK. Maybe life has dealt you some difficult circumstances which aren’t your fault but you still have to deal with these on a daily basis. I get it.

So if constantly staring into the old-school money mirror does nothing more than to continue to disappoint, maybe you should get a different mirror…a new-school, smart money-mirror.

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Your New Money Mirror

I understand it’s hard to break old habits. Many of our Passive Investors Circle members claim that it took a mindset shift before they could begin the process of eliminating limiting beliefs about money and work.

They finally started to realize what their time was worth and why money is important…it allows them to buy freedom.

My Freedom….

After this mindset shift, they began motivating themselves to start focusing on passive income creation. Up until that point of their careers, they chose to focus only on active income (which is what most of us do).

Instead of spending time with your old mirror, the new state of the art money mirror acknowledges the past but focuses on the FUTURE.

It shows you the possibilities that can be in your tomorrow (it’s a great BIG beautiful tomorrow), based on changing the things you do today.

It’s relentlessly optimistic. It doesn’t offer promises, only possibilities.

The cool thing about this new mirror is that it gives you a clear road map (financial plan) to follow which helps get you to your destination.

This mirror deals with the realities of who you are and where you are today, but it also gives you a clear picture and path to the person and place you want to be in.

Old-school mirrors are OK if we want to reflect on our past. The main reason we should continue to use them are simply to learn from the previous mistakes to help us move forward with a better future.

But a new-school smart mirror, the kind with future possibilities built in, has a clear focus on your tomorrow.

Do you remember what Walt Disney said about “tomorrow“?

Image courtesy of Richie Vernillo

That’s right. He said, “There’s a GREAT BIG Beautiful Tomorrow, shining at the end of every day.”

What About Your Future?

I have a question for you.

What can you do if you had a clearer vision of your future?

Please don’t take that question lightly.

If you’re married, both you and your spouse should become CRYSTAL clear on what you want your future to be.

When I began practicing, I thought that material possessions were important. Times have changed. After having kids and developing deeper relationships with others, I realized that money can’t buy happiness.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know why money is important as we need it to get our basics met. But a lot more of it doesn’t make me anymore happier.

What about you? Why is money is important to you? What are you trying to obtain by working the hours you put in each week treating patients?

3 Top Reasons Why Money Is Important

I don’t know about you, but what’s the point of working without an end in site? I’m a goal oriented person and having something to work towards keeps me motivated.

For me, that involves replacing our expenses with passive income. Once that happens, then we’re free to do what’s important to us.

#1 Money provides freedom

What does freedom look like to you?

  • Do you like to travel?
  • Volunteer?
  • Lounge by the pool?
  • Golf or tennis?
  • Hunt?

Having passive income allows you to experience life, create memories and also improve the world if you choose to.

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#2 Money makes dreams come true

More than likely, money was involved to get you where you are today. Medical/dental school isn’t free.

With money, you’re able to pursue the career that you’ve been wishing for. It also affords to pay the costs of your dream home along with any other goals you may have.

#3 Money = security

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the country realized just how important money was regarding security.

When our “active” income is shut off, money becomes VERY important. The thought of having my practice income removed due to temporary or permanent injury was one of the main driving factors towards passive income creation.

Yes, I do still invest in the stock market via retirement accounts but that money is earmarked for much later in my life.

Bottom Line

Whether you still enjoy your profession or not, you’re still going to need it to continue providing income.

It’s amazing how quickly your mindset can change about your job when you realize that you’re there because you WANT to be and NOT because you have to be.

The quicker you get on the path where money is working for you, the sooner you’ll have the freedom to buy what you need and do what makes you happy.

Remember, it’s your future and nobody else’s.

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  1. All my young life i had problems with money. Only when i was 25 i start make good money.
    and then i understand what to do with them and how to make my life better with them, Before i understood it i did not spend them on myself.

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