My Story

Student Loan Debt

After completing dental school and a residency at LSU, I owed close to $300,000 in student loans, along with other consumer debt.

Two weeks before graduation, my job offer fell through, leaving my wife and I with a two-month-old and nowhere to go. 

This led me to start a practice from scratch, and after seven long and intentional years, we became debt-free.

Along the way, I became passionate about sharing my debt-free journey, the strategies I was learning, and basic investing principles with other doctors and high-income professionals.

That’s how Debt Free Doctor originally started, to help other doctors learn the strategies they needed to get out of debt.

Once I became debt-free, I then began to search for ways to put our money to work for us and shelter our income from taxes.

This was especially crucial since, once the majority of the practice and equipment had been depreciated, our tax bill skyrocketed.

Financial Freedom

During my research, I noticed that most people who were achieving financial freedom quickly were doing so through investing in real estate

This sounded interesting to me, but I knew that I didn’t want to be a landlord and have to give up precious family time.

Most of these people were passively investing in real estate via crowdfunding, so I decided to give it a try.

After trial and error (and losing several thousands of dollars early on), I figured out what it took to invest in cash flowing real estate while also drastically reducing our tax bill.

I now have the time and resources to enjoy my life and family without having to constantly trade my valuable time for money.

My Goal For You

My new purpose is to teach you everything I’ve learned along the way so you too can reach financial freedom much quicker than you’d ever thought possible. 

If you’re ready to learn, head over to the real estate section and get going!