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The Blue Metric RV Park Fund 1

This fund focuses on returning 100% of investor capital in less than 5 years and then offers continual or “infinite” returns thereafter until a final exit in approximately 10 years.

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Note: This 506(c) fund is for ACCREDITED Investors only.

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Projected Hold Period:
10+ years
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Minimum Investment:
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Distribution Frequency:

Investment Criteria

  • Communities located in the growth markets of the Sun Belt to minimize risk and maximize opportunities for investors.
  • RV parks possess significant value-add opportunities, typically through light capital improvements to maximize land value.
  • Focus on value-add RV parks and campgrounds, a recession-resistant investment class with relatively low vacancy rates, CapEx, and maintenance expenses.
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Financial Targets

Average Cash-on-Cash


Average Annual Return


Preferred Return


What our investors are saying…

“As I approached retirement age and started looking at retirement I realized that although I had saved a lot, I really didn’t have enough income to support myself and my wife without going deep into our savings. Enter Debt Free Doctor. Jeff showed me the way to achieve enough income that we could support ourselves without burning up all our savings and I learned so much about real estate investment that I feel comfortable doing deals both in syndication and just buying income producing properties. Debt Free Doctor is an invaluable tool to teach a doctor how to be comfortable in retirement! Five stars!”

Dr. Roger Parkes