How To Become An Accredited Investor And Why It Matters

how to become an accredited investor

How To Become An Accredited Investor Each week, I’m enjoying having conversations with other doctors & high-income earners about passive real estate investing, specifically syndications. If you haven’t signed up for the Passive Investors Circle, do so here to stay updated on the latest articles and syndication investments available. You maybe asking yourself, “What’s a syndication?” A syndication is nothing

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5 Reasons You Should Be Investing In Apartment Complexes

investing in apartment complexes

Should You Be Investing In Apartment Complexes? If you’ve read My Story, then you’re well aware that I’m on a mission with three goals. First, I’m in the process of creating enough passive income through real estate syndications to replace my income. That’s #1. Second, to share everything that I’m learning along the way so you can avoid the same

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Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited Investors – 9 Pros And Cons

cash flow

Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited Investors I get quite a few questions and emails from other doctors regarding investing. One of the most commonly asked question is, “Hey Jeff, what do you recommend I invest in to build wealth so I don’t have to see patients forever?” I take the same approach Dave Ramsey does when one of his

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