How To Transfer UTMA Accounts To Children To Pay Less Taxes

how to transfer utma account to child

Most doctors and other high income professionals typically want to do two things financially to help their families: Pay less taxes and teach their kids about money. One way that they can accomplish both is by employing children at their businesses/practices (consult your CPA for rules before doing so). By doing this, they’re able to lower the payroll tax +

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8 Ways Young Adults Can Avoid “Failure to Launch”

failure to launch

How to Avoid “Failure to Launch” into Financial Adulthood [Editor’s Note: Today’s article is a guest post from Brian over at Debt Discipline] Have you heard the phrase “Failure to Launch” before? There was a $100 million-grossing movie, starring Matthew McConaughey and Sarah Jessica Parker of the same name. If you’re a parent, you might be thinking about how it

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You Are Broke Because You Root For The Underdog (S.W.A.T review)

The underdog

You Are Broke Because You Root For The Underdog (S.W.A.T review) [Editor’s Note: Today’s post is from Ryan who’s a full time police officer and personal finance blogger. Check out his blog over at] You’re broke because you root for the underdog? That’s quite a powerful assumption to make but it may actually be true. That statement serves two

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