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    What’s an eQRP? 7 Advantages To Invest Vs IRAs


    The first time someone mentioned eQRP, I thought they were talking about a hot stock tip. I remember first hearing the term two years ago in Dallas at a real estate conference about apartment syndications. Many attendees in the room were like most Passive Investor Circle members searching for alternate ways to invest their locked up retirement account money. At

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    3 Ideas For Passive Income From a Plastic Surgeon

    3 Ideas For Passive Income for college students, med students, dental students & beyond from a recently trained plastic surgeon. [Editor’s Note: Today’s article is a guest post from Dr. Jordan Frey who blogs at The Prudent Plastic Surgeon. He recently completed his training and is now practicing in Buffalo, NY. He’s married with two kids and decided to start

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    Financial Freedom – Can Doctors REALLY Achieve It?

    financial freedom definition

    What’s Your Financial Freedom Definition? It seems like everybody is striving for “financial freedom” these days even though they’re not quite sure what it means. Literally every article I read or podcast I listen to has some mention of it. Let me ask you a question… What’s your financial freedom definition? If you answered, “It’s when I get rich!” or

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    5 Reasons Physician Side Gigs Are A Must

    physician side gigs

    5 Reasons Physician Side Gigs Are A Must Today’s article is from my friend over at Physician On Fire. He retired from medicine at the age of 43 in 2019, having achieved financial independence several years earlier. He started Physician on FIRE to enlighten, educate, and entertain other high-income professionals while discussing money matters of all sorts. He is happily married with

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    9 Minute Read: How’s The Culture In Your Kingdom Summary

    How's The Culture In Your Kingdom

    How’s The Culture In Your Kingdom During the pandemic, Louisiana dental offices were shut down for seven weeks. It seemed that our state’s government didn’t consider our services “essential” yet people could still play the lotto and buy alcohol. No comment. The much needed down time allowed me to rethink some things both on a personal and business level. I

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