6 Key Differences Between Samaritan Ministries vs Medishare

Samaritan Ministries vs Medishare

It seems as if our “affordable” healthcare is becoming more and more “un-affordable.” Recently, our family’s monthly premium went from $480/month to $1596/month! Knock on wood, we have been a very healthy family up until this point. So I decided to research other options which led me to something called “health care sharing ministries”. The two main players that will

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The Doctor’s Guide To Eliminating Debt – 5 Minute Book Summary

doctor's guide to eliminating debt

It’s funny how our paths cross in life. During a break at a recent FinCon meeting (conference for financial bloggers and professionals), I happened to turn to the guy sitting behind me. It seemed that there had been a schedule change that I was unaware of. Little did I know that this “guy” happened to be someone that also had a doctor-finance

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