7 Elements Of Achieving True Wealth

    true wealth

    Todd Tresidder over at the Financial Mentor once stated that “Freedom Isn’t Just Financial, And True Wealth Is More Than Just Money.” There’s too many docs and other high-income professionals with the illusion that building wealth involves always wanting MORE so they can get better with a different lifestyle versus everyone else. Unfortunately, if this is your view of true

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    Emergency Funds – What You Should Know To Stay Out Of Trouble

    emergency funds

    The Complete Guide on Emergency Funds and Cash Reserves [Editor’s Note: Today’s article in a guest post from Mr. SR who blogs over at Semi-Retire Plan.  He enjoys teaching others what it takes to become semi-retired early in life.] One of the few personal finance concepts that garners near-universal praise is the emergency fund. For many topics in personal finance,

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    Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited Investors – 9 Pros And Cons

    cash flow

    Real Estate Crowdfunding For Non Accredited Investors I get quite a few questions and emails from other doctors regarding investing. One of the most commonly asked question is, “Hey Jeff, what do you recommend I invest in to build wealth so I don’t have to see patients forever?” I take the same approach Dave Ramsey does when one of his

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