5 Top Grant Cardone Books To 10x Your Money

5 Top Grant Cardone Books To 10x Your Money

Grant Cardone (New York Times best-selling American author) is best known for his 10x Growth Conference designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate investors, or anyone seeking tremendous financial success.

I was fortunate enough to sit down and interview him on my YouTube channel. While at his Florida based office, several of his employees loaded me down with books, t-shirts and other Cardone- branded materials. I had no idea he’d written so many books and I quickly dove into each of them.

The top 5 Grant Cardone’s books are:

  1. The 10X Rule
  2. Be Obsessed Or Be Average
  3. Sell Or Be Sold
  4. Millionaire Booklet
  5. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

His first book was Selling: The Secret To Success, but he hit it big with his best-selling book, The 10X Rule – The Only Difference Between Success and Failure

Whether you’ve known about him for a while or finding out about him for the first time, it would be a good idea to begin consuming his material, starting with the 5 books that we’ll detail below…

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Who Is Grant Cardone?

Grant Cardone is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and the CEO of Cardone Enterprises, Cardone Capital,  Cardone Training Technologies, and creator of 21 bestselling business programs. Currently, he owns and operates seven privately held companies and a $3.6 billion portfolio of multifamily properties.

He founded the The 10X Movement & The 10X Growth Conference, the world’s largest business & entrepreneur conference.

I first learned about Grant after reading his book, The 10X Rule. It made me realize that many people set goals that are TOO LOW.

And as the book’s title states, to obtain real success, we have to 10x them instead.

For instance, if you want to make $100,000 more this year, you should 10x it and shoot for $1,000,000 instead. What this does is start forcing you to THINK differently. 

My one-on-one Grant Cardone interview

For instance, during our time together at his office, he asked me about a particular goal I’d set for myself. At the time, I had 1,000 Passive Investor Circle members (now 2,200) and wanted to double that number over the next year.

He looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Jeff, what would you do with 10,000 members instead?” I’d never given that any thought as to him, I was thinking too small. This forced me to start thinking about ways to really start to grow the group instead of what I was currently doing. 

Set no targets, and you will get no where.” – Grant Cardone

Even if you 10x your goals or not, you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish when you start thinking differently. Speaking of starting to think differently, here are his 5 top books for you to consider….

5 Top Grant Cardone Books

#1. Sell or Be Sold – How to Get Your Way In Business and In Life

Sell Or Be Sold

My wife and I are constantly on the look out to find the best ways to equip our two teens for success in life. Unfortunately, our school systems aren’t going to do it so it’s up to the parents for guidance.

It seems that the main characteristic of ultra-successful people is….selling.

I’ve heard a number of YouTube and podcast interviews of wealthy people who reference that they wouldn’t have the success and wealth if they had never learned the art of selling.

They claim that it’s the most important business skill you can have. 

Whether you’re trying to sell equipment to a customer, getting a patient to accept treatment recommendations, or your kids to do what you say, everything in life can and should be treated as a sale.

Cardone explains in Sell Or Be Sold that knowing the principles of selling is a prerequisite for success of any kind; nobody wants to “get sold.” They want a great, positive experience when it comes to doing business with you. 

This book will teach you how to service a buyer from start to finish. You’ll learn what the #1 rule in selling is, how much activity is needed to reach a goal, how to get fanatically sold on your product or service,  and how to control time before it controls you. This is one of the best books out there on sales strategies.

#2. Be Obsessed Or Be Average

The definition of obsession is to preoccupy or fill the mind of (someone) continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

Before Grant Cardone’s success, his personal life was a mess. He hit rock bottom as he was broke and addicted to drugs. Growing up, he wanted wealth and a better life, but his friends and family told him that it was too hard and to stick with what “everyone” else does to just get by. 

But when he tried it their way, his life got worse. Instead, he took the opposite approach and became obsessed with doing everything he could to be the BEST entrepreneur possible.

He set his sights on big dreams, such as living in a mansion and flying private, which he succeeded in after years of hustle.

In the book, Cardone states that becoming obsessed isn’t just beneficial to you and every single goal you have; it’s essential

You have to give 120% to succeed in life or end up like everyone else.

He recommends that we find that “thing” in our life that makes us become obsessed. That’s our purpose. And once we find it, go all in for extreme success.

No commitment equals no results.” –  Grant Cardone

In the book, he teaches you how to:

· Set crazy big goals—and reach them every single day.
· Feed the beast: when you value money and spend it on the right things, you get more of it.
· Shut down the doubters—and use your haters as fuel.

#3. The Millionaire Booklet

Cardone claims that the “millionaire is the new middle class”, and being part of the 1% club begins with having a millionaire mindset.

He wrote this short book on conventional wisdom to teach exactly how to achieve this and stated:

The reason most people never get rich is that they never even consider it a possibility. The other reason is that people fundamentally don’t understand money. Very few people know how to get money, even fewer know how to keep it, and almost no one knows how to multiply it.”

Here are the 8 Steps Cardone lists in the book in order to become rich.

  • Make a decision – to become a millionaire.
  • Do the math – do the math and break things into smaller chunks to see the possibilities and realize that making a million is much more achievable.
  • Increase your income –  set income targets and do whatever it takes to reach them.
  • Ask yourself, “Who’s got my money?” – Make a list of people who have “your” potential money. The money that they are willing to exchange for your product or service. Focus on those and only on those.
  • Stay broke – Any increase in income should be put in an account that’s off limits. Keep operating like you’re broke.
  • Save to invest. Don’t save to save. – The only reason to save money is to someday invest it. When timing is right, move the money from your “savings” account to create another income flow based on what you already do.
  • Multiply your income flows – is the only best way to become a millionaire and is the holy grail of creating financial freedom and true wealth.
  • Repeat, reinforce, hyperfocus – Have the right attitude, think big from the start, hyperfocus and repeat the steps that are laid out and surround yourself with like-minded people. 

#4. If You’re Not First, You’re Last

If You're Not First You're Last

This book shows the exact mindset you need and the actions to take to dominate your field

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Cardone states in the book that if you’re not first in your market, you’re in a precarious and unsustainable situation. Even if you’re second, that’s NOT good enough.

You should always be working to get to first place.

To create that kind of success, you’ll have to take the kind of action everyone else talks about but never manages to pull off.

Your attitude must be, “I’m going to do whatever it takes to elevate my game to a higher level, as this is the only way I’ll dominate my competition.”

If You’re Not First, You’re Last is mainly geared towards periods of economic contraction and some of the main points it hits on are:

  • Be unreasonable
  • Convert the “unsold”
  • Ask for referrals
  • Deliver at “wow” levels
  • Master the MOST important business skill – How to SELL

#5.  The 10x Rule (Best Seller)

The 10x Rule

I’ve saved the BEST for last.

The 10x Rule is based on understanding how much effort and thought are required to get ANYTHING done successfully.

It can work in literally every area of your life including:

  • spiritual
  • emotional
  • mental
  • financial
  • physical

Cardone states that looking back over his life, the one thing that was consistent with regards to gaining success was that he always put forth 10 times the amount of work as others. In other words, he always outworked him.

YouTuber Alex Hormozi paid Cardone six figures for business coaching.  In his interview (below) he asked Cardone how he has taken off in the social media world so quickly. 

It was simple: Cardone started posting 10,15,20x per day while everyone else may do one or two posts. It was anything special; he was simply out working them. 

Here’s the video if you want to watch the entire interview:

Cardone is a BIG real estate investor (Cardone Capital). In order to find the BEST deals, he’s looking at 10x MORE properties than the other groups. 

It comes down to hustle and how much you really want to succeed in anything in life.

Our society wants what it wants NOW and doesn’t feel that putting in any extra effort is needed.

4 Degrees of Action

Cardone states we should focus more action on getting what we want more than anything else including our concept, idea, invention or business plan. 

He breaks down the degrees of action into 4 choices:

1) Do nothing

This is exactly what it sounds like. I can’t tell you how many times I used to read books, listen to podcasts, and research real estate investing but….I never took action.

2) Retreat

People who retreat are those who take action in reverse. More than likely, they do so to avoid any negative experiences they imagine will come as a result of taking action. They personify the “fear-of-success” phenomenon.

3) Take normal levels of action

This group is probably the most prevalent in our society today. On the surface, they appear to be taking the necessary action for success. In reality, they’re doing what everyone else is doing. This level of action creates the middle class and is the most dangerous because it’s considered acceptable. They’re good with being “average.”

4) Take massive action

Whenever someone is taking massive action, they aren’t thinking about being normal. They don’t want to be average. They want to stand out from the crowd and dominate their competition.

Book For Sales

One last book that wasn’t mentioned above for those that want to be head of the pack in sales is, The Closer’s Survival Guide

This book is an arsenal of closes that covers over 120 Closes:

  • 31 Money Closes
  • 17 Time Related Closes
  • 3 Pressure Closes
  • 3 Agreement Closes
  • 8 Decision Closes
  • 64 other creative closes

Bottom Line

Grant Cardone, a self-made billionaire, says it best…if you want to be successful in this day and age, look at what everyone else is doing and just do more of it.

It’s NOT hard to do yet so few of us will take his advice and do it.

The five books highlighted in this article will help you take the step in the right direction for massive success. 

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What are some key concepts discussed in Grant Cardone’s books, especially regarding market share and customer base?

Grant Cardone’s books often emphasize the importance of expanding market share and growing a loyal customer base, even during economic contractions. He believes that with the right sales training and strategies, businesses can thrive and not just survive in challenging times. His precise formulas and techniques aim to help businesses capture a larger share of the market and ensure customer satisfaction.

I’ve heard about the “10X Rule” in Grant Cardone’s book. Can you explain what it means?

The “10X Rule” is one of the standout concepts from expert Grant Cardone. It suggests that success-minded people should aim for ten times their initial goals to achieve extraordinary success. This rule serves as a wake-up call, urging individuals and businesses to give more than average amounts of attention to their ambitions and not settle for mediocrity like the rest of the world.

How does Grant Cardone address time management in his books, and does he offer any tools or strategies?

Time management is a recurring theme in Grant Cardone’s books. He introduces the concept of a “power schedule,” emphasizing the importance of maximizing productivity and taking actions that propel you to the next level. For Cardone, managing time effectively is crucial for achieving success and outperforming competitors.

Are there any new products or sales training programs associated with the Cardone Group that are recommended in Grant Cardone’s books?

Grant Cardone’s books often reference the sales training programs and tools offered by the Cardone Group. These programs are designed to help businesses and individuals increase their sales, launch new products effectively, and expand their customer base. Readers interested in practical applications and training will find these recommendations valuable.

Is Grant Cardone a regular guest on any shows or podcasts where he discusses the concepts from his books?

Yes, Grant Cardone is a regular guest on various shows, podcasts, and seminars. He often shares insights from his books, offers a fresh perspective on success, and provides a good book’s worth of knowledge in each appearance. Engaging with these platforms can offer readers a deeper understanding of the principles he discusses in his writings.