9 Minute Read: How’s The Culture In Your Kingdom Summary

How's The Culture In Your Kingdom

How’s The Culture In Your Kingdom During the pandemic, Louisiana dental offices were shut down for seven weeks. It seemed that our state’s government didn’t consider our services “essential” yet people could still play the lotto and buy alcohol. No comment. The much needed down time allowed me to rethink some things both on a personal and business level. I

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When Negotiating – Never Split The Difference

chris voss never split the difference

Chris Voss Never Split The Difference There’s something about terrorists, Navy Seals, hostage negotiations and drug cartels that’s always peaked my interest. So when I recently heard former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss discuss his book, Never Split The Difference on the Entreleadership podcast, I was immediately fascinated. When you think about it, we’re negotiating with people on a daily basis. Whether

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