4 Reasons To Create Passive Income With Multifamily Syndication

Multifamily Syndication

Multifamily Syndication A 46 year old dentist recently posted on Dentaltown asking for investing advice regarding his working towards an early “exit from teeth” over the next few years. He essentially is shooting for fatFIRE. He partnered with a larger corporate group which is going to be paying him to acquire 60% of his practice but would continue working 2-3

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These Are Your Best Choices for Online Brokers

online broker

These Are Your Best Choices for Online Brokers [Editor’s Note: Today’s article in a guest post from Kevin who runs the personal finance website Just Start Investing, where he focuses on making investing easy. Just Start Investing has been featured on Business Insider, Forbes, and US News & World Report, among other major publications for his easy-to-follow writing. Check out Just

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