7 Secrets To Financial Freedom Every Doctor Should Know

financial freedom

The more personal finance and debt free blogs I come across, the more I realize most doctors are striving to achieve financial freedom. What exactly does this mean? In simple terms, a financially independent person has enough wealth to live on without working. There’s an entire group of FIRE (Financially Independent Retire Early) people (like Physician On Fire) that have started

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The #1 Reason Why The First Million Is The Hardest

the first million is the hardest

For some reason, I’ve been on a kick lately researching millionaires, specifically, what it takes to become one. One phrase that has popped up several times during my research was: “the first million is the hardest.” If you’re a doctor reading this, listen up. These next few paragraphs will hopefully open your eyes and motivate you to stop what you’re

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Coverdell ESA vs 529 – What’s The Best To Save For Kid’s College?

coverdell esa vs 529

I’ve been a long time listener of the Dave Ramsey show. For those of you familiar with Dave, then you’ve probably heard him mention the Seven Baby Steps to financial freedom that I’ve discussed in the past. Baby step #5 has to do with starting to fund your kid’s college. He recommends either a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) or a

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