7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know

7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know
7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know - F

7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know

One of the top reasons doctors and other professionals in stressful careers join our Free Passive Investors Circle is to help avoid burnout.

Now some do want to retire earlier. But for the most part, many get the itch to cut back to part time and pursue what they’ve been putting off due to the high-stress from their careers.

Not that long ago I spoke with a dentist that had kids going into high school. He’d always dreamed of coaching them in football and now wanted to do it before it was too late.

You see, we can’t EVER get our time back with our kids like we can our money.

My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” – Steve Jobs

When I turned 40, I wanted to make a change too. With only one income stream coming in, the thought of NOT being able to work forced me to purse passive income creation.

Many people also want this but the difference is that they don’t take ACTION.

I encourage others, if interested, to pursue passive income education similar to their professional education.

It’s something that MUST be worked on daily or at minimum weekly. If not, failures will happen.

We made our 15 year old get a job this past summer as I was tired of him sleeping late and staying up with his friends until 3 in the morning.

I asked, “Do you want a vehicle next year? If so, you have to put up some money.”

That was all it took.

After a couple of weeks working a landscaping job, he wanted to quit. I told him that I was making him do it for several reasons and one is that he’ll appreciate his formal education more after getting his hands dirty.

Also, I wanted him to avoid failures and working would help keep him focused on his purpose for the summer, getting a vehicle.

Just because you made good grades in school doesn’t automatically make you smart in EVERYTHING in life.

Too many of us “professionals” think like this. I know I did when I got out of training. And still do occasionally until my wife tells me otherwise. 🙂

Yes, other people KNOW more than you about other areas in life, especially investing.

Does this sound like you?

  • Busy professional working full-time
  • Want more time to enjoy kids, family & travel
  • Desire passive income/cash flow but don’t want a second job
  • Looking for other investments OUTSIDE of the stock market

If so, then your starting point is education and I can’t think of an easier way to get started than with reading a real estate investing blog.

There’s hundreds of them out there but I wanted to focus on those that can educate you with buy and hold strategies which can help grow passive income.

My goal for you is financial freedom so without further ado, here’s 7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know (in no particular order).

7 Real Estate Investing Blogs Every Doctor Should Know

#1 BiggerPockets

bigger pockets

If I had to choose only one real estate investing blog, this would be it.

BiggerPockets is the mother of all blogs.

It’s the one-stop shop for all things related to real estate investment including:

  • forums
  • podcasts
  • books
  • other educational resources

To top it off, it also acts as a huge networking platform that allows real estate professionals to educate others from basics to advanced deal making.

#2 Coach Carson

coach carson

Chad Carson, AKA Coach Carson, has figured out how to achieve financial freedom by working backwards.

Instead of taking the “work for 40 years and save along the way” approach, he invested at an early age for cash flow.

His goal is to help you build wealth and “do more of what matters in your life.”

He has 85 recommended tools to become a real estate investor along with books, courses and other resources.

#3 Joe Fairless

joe fairless


Joe Fairless is best known for his podcast, The Best Ever Real Estate Investing Advice Show, which happens to be the longest running daily real estate podcast in the world.

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed not once but twice on it:

He’s written several books including The Best Ever Apartment Syndication book.

His site also features real estate investing classes centered around apartment syndications.

The first syndication investments I personally made were with Joe’s group, Ashcroft Capital.

#4 PassiveIncomeMD


Dr. Peter Kim’s Passive Income MD site was one of the instrumental real estate investing blogs for doctors that encouraged me to start my site.

His website is all about passive income creation from real estate to stocks/bonds to side hustles.

If you’re looking for a good place to start, then start here.


#5 Gower Crowd

Adam Gower’s website is both for the investor and for those that are attempting to attract other investors to their real estate deals.

Adam provides advanced training to investors who want to invest in online syndicated real estate deals with a strong emphasis on wealth preservation and long term growth.

His latest book for investors is called ‘Real Estate Crowdfunding: An Insider’s Guide to Investing Online’.



#6 Passive Investing


The name of the URL says, it all….PassiveInvesting.com.
One of the managing partners, Dan Handford, focuses on acquiring apartments to syndicate to his investors.
His site’s Knowledge Center focuses on teaching the in’s and out’s regarding apartment investing.
I’ve also invested in Dan’s group using a self-directed IRA.

#7 Get Rich Education

Keith Weinhold’s Get Rich Education (GRE) podcast is one of my top 3 podcasts I listen to for not only real estate education but inspiration and mindset training.
His motto is that his show has created more passive income than any other show out there…and I can believe it.
He’s interviewed people such as:
His blog is full of wealth building tips and tools to get your started down the path of passive income creation.

Passive Investing 101

Are you ready to put more money in your pocket without having to see extra patients?
I thought so.
Join the Free Passive Investors Circle today to get started.
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Chris Weber

Keith Weinhold’s podcast is one of my favorites, and his interviews are always engaging. Keith’s wealth of experience also helps make the interviews more substantive than some other, more high-profile podcasts that are in this field. Great post!

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