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Here’s a few of the podcasts that I’ve been allowed to be interviewed on. I always love sharing information to different audience groups.

Becoming a Debt-Free Doctor : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Investing For High-Income Earners: The WealthAbility Show with Tom Wheelwright, CPA
YouTube video

Source: The WealthAbility Show: Busy professionals work for their money. But what happens when you stop working or are unable to work? Discover how high-income earners can build wealth away from their day jobs.

Hassle-Free Real Estate Investing for Busy Doctors
YouTube video

Source: Kevin MD

Why Doing What the Doctor Ordered is Just What You Need to Build Generational Wealth
Always Have Multiple Streams of Passive Income With Dr. Jeff Anzalone
Becoming a Debt-Free Doctor with Dr. Jeff Anzalone

Source: Kent Ritter

Dr. Jeff Anzalone – The Debt Free, Passive Investing Doctor
Building Multiple Streams of Income Using Passive Real Estate Investments
Overcoming Losses
The Debt-Free Doctor, Jeff Anzalone
Threefold Real Estate Investing
Real Estate Investing with Debt-Free Doctor Jeff Anzalone
Passive Real Estate Income for Doctors, Dentists, & Lawyers
Multiple Streams of Income

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Source: Darin Batchelder Podcast

From Periodontist to Debt Free Doctor
Owning Your Financial Future
What Every High Income Earner Should Be Doing To Lower Taxes
Grow Your Investor Base & Raise Millions in Days
Physicians in Real Estate
Teaching Doctors How To Be Debt Free

Source: The Land Geek

From Debt-Free To Real Estate Investor
How To Pay Off Mounds Of Debt Episode #1384
How To Build A 7-Figure Net Worth
A Debt Free Story Part 1
Creating Passive Income From Real Estate Part 2
How To Build An Authority Practice
Challenges Real Estate Investors Face
How To Stop Trading Time For Money

Source: Wealth Junkies

Steps High-Income Professionals Can Take To Get Out Of Debt
How To Increase Your Online Presence To Raise Money

Source: Everything REI

Passive Real Estate Investing Advice

Source: Leafy Podcast

Building Passive Income To Reach FI
Buying Back Time Through Passive Investing
Passive Income For High Income Earners Through Real Estate
How To Pay Off Student Loans With Passive Income
Being a Professional Passive Investor
How to Lose Money by Joining the Crowd to Invest in Something You’re Clueless About
Passive Income Investing During a Crisis
Creating Passive Income From Real Estate
From Scarcity to Abundance Mindset
Managing Debt & Real Estate Investing For Docs
How Docs Can STOP Trading Time For Money
Finding Passive Income In Real Estate
Investing In Real Estate
How to Become Debt-Free and Live the Life You Deserve
Investing in Yourself and Building up Passive Investing Income
Passive Income with Dr. Jeffrey Anzalone

Source: Doctor Me First