Here’s a few of the podcasts that I’ve been allowed to be interviewed on. I always love sharing information to different audience groups.

Podcast Interviews

Best Real Estate Investing Podcast: From Debt-Free To Real Estate Investor

Best Real Estate Investing Podcast: How To Pay Off Mounds Of Debt  Episode #1384

Chain Of Wealth Podcast: How To Build A 7-Figure Net Worth

The Dentalpreneur Podcast: A Debt Free Story Part 1

The Dentalpreneur Podcast: Creating Passive Income From Real Estate Part 2

The Raving Patients Podcast: How To Build An Authority Practice

Doctors Unbound Podcast: Daring To Become a Debt-Free Doctor

Real Estate Expresso: Challenges Real Estate Investors Face

Wealth Junkies: How To Stop Trading Time For Money

Dentistry Rising: Steps High-Income Professionals Can Take To Get Out Of Debt

Everything REI: How To Increase Your Online Presence To Raise Money

Leafy Podcast: Passive Real Estate Investing Advice

Living With Money: Building Passive Income To Reach FI

The Real Estate Syndication Show: Buying Back Time Through Passive Investing

Mission Money Matters: Passive Income For High Income Earners Through Real Estate

Creative Real Estate Podcast: How To Pay Off Student Loans With Passive Income