The Ultimate Guide To A Real Estate Syndication Structure

real estate syndication structure

Real Estate Syndication Structure It’s amazing how many doctors and other high-income professional members of our Passive Investors Circle that have never heard of real estate syndications. Actually, until a few short years ago, I hadn’t either. It seems that more and more doctors are in search of building passive income streams and syndications are a great way to help.

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Why Alternative Investments Are Not Just for the Wealthy

alternative investments

We hear a lot these days about alternative investments. Wall Street firms regularly tout their expertise in these investments and try to convince us we need them in our portfolio. In the beginning, alternative investments were only available to what most would consider the wealthy. The SEC set the definition of the wealthy with their accredited investor definition. To be

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Is Farmland a Good Investment? What You Need to Know

Is Farmland a Good Investment? What You Need to Know [Editor’s Note: Today’s article in a guest post from Michael Dinich who blogs over at Your Money Geek.  He’s worked in the personal finance industry since 1999, where he helped families plan for retirement, reduce taxes, eliminate unnecessary expenses, and plan their estates.] Take it away Michael………………………   Have you ever

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How a 24 Year Old Creates Passive Income from $40 Million In Multifamily

passive income

Passive Income A few months ago, my teenage son approached me and asked, “Dad, when I get older, can you teach me about that real estate stuff you’re always reading about?” For those of you that have teenagers, not only was I just completely surprised that he wanted to learn about something, but he actually put his phone down and

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