Helping Doctors Discover the Power of Passive Income
Get more time to live with purpose by putting your hard-earned money to work.
doctor burnout
What went wrong?

You toiled your way through years of training, driven by your desire to help people . . . but you also expected to make a good living. Maybe retire early with a nice nest egg. Enjoy the good life.

Instead you spend your days…

Working longer and longer hours to maintain the same income.
Getting squeezed by insurance companies.
Trying to keep up with ever-changing rules and regulations.
Paying back massive school loans AND a mortgage.

You feel trapped. And cheated.

It was supposed to be better than this. You’ve been striving all your life to help others, to bring healing and hope. You know the damage stress does to a person, and now . . . well, that person is you.

When are you going to get the life you deserve?


The Keys to Passive Income

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Anzalone, a periodontist in Louisiana. I’ve been in your shoes.

After dental school and a residency at LSU, I owed nearly $300,000. That’s a hard reality to face when you’re starting a career, but it’s not uncommon. Besides, I had a job lined up after graduation. That debt would vanish as soon as I started making real money.

Except the job fell through…

I decided to start my own practice. You can imagine the expense and uncertainty involved in that venture. I was working long hours and already starting to feel burnout. With a wife and baby to provide for, I began to worry: What if something happened to me?

I talked with other doctors and high-income professionals. I began to study financial strategies and investing principles. And I discovered the secret of passive income through worry-free real estate investing.

Quite simply, you let your money work for you.

After seven years, I was free of my consumer debt. And I committed myself to helping other doctors and high-income earners achieve financial independence.

Whatever I’ve learned through my study and experience, I offer it to you.

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Dr. Brian Evans
Periodontist, Author and Passive Investor

“I had thought of investing in real estate for several years but didn’t know where to turn. As a two doctor family, we’re limited on time. Dr. Jeff helped us make the best decisions with all of the real estate options out there today.”

We’re now well on our way investing in passive real estate which will allow us to retire much sooner than we thought.“

Drs. Daniel and Emily Cassis
Endodontist/Dentist, Passive Investors

“Dr. Jeff became our trusted resource to help us navigate through the different real estate options.“

We love getting mailbox money each month and look forward to growing our portfolio.”

Tommy Smith
Co-Owner of Monroe Athletic Club, Passive Investor

“Wealth building is a challenging task and you helped me open my eyes to some potentially good opportunities with my retirement and saving dollars.”

Ready to Break Free?
Your path to financial freedom starts today.
Step 1
Join the Investors Circle

Each week I’ll send you the secrets I’ve learned to move you closer to financial freedom.

Talk About Your Goals

We’ll set up a one-on-one call to discuss your unique challenges and what’s important to you.

Step 3
Create a Roadmap to

Have a plan to achieve passive income and get access to the same real estate deals I invest in.

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What will financial freedom look like for you?

Will you take the time to see those exotic destinations you’ve always dreamed about?

Time Off?

Or maybe you’ll buy that boat you’ve always wanted. Or play golf at the world’s greatest courses.


You could get another degree in a field that has always fascinated you.


Send your kids to a top college. Buy the house your family deserves. Take vacations that inspire and educate.


Imagine what you could give to health organizations, to international relief efforts, to your church. Your money could make a big difference.

Your dream life can be your real life. Seriously.

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